time tremors

Time Tremors is a cross platform narrative where mobile apps and a live-action TV series reveals an amazing mystery. Although concealed in time, Time Treasures can be detected and collected using mobile game apps, web games and location-specific missions, hosted on an expanding network of museums all over the world. Time Tremors was developed with and produced by Xenophile Media and available through the CBC.



For Time Tremors I wrote content for the Infinity Game, weaving the narrative of the series into the true historical stories of the fantastic objects that are collected by the player across space and time.  There were 100 stories; from the Mona Lisa to the Enigma Machine; each revealing a new secret of the Time Tremors cast and world. This work combined significant research, as I was able to fit complex narratives of history into tiny and entertaining text blocks that would be enjoyable for a younger audience.  You can download a sample of this TREASURE/ITEM DESCRIPTION WRITING HERE.