An epic sci-fi game sample in the style of "Mass Effect", Awoken was written to show my ability to craft characters in the sci-fi genre, and to establish a new setting. Included below you'll find a sample script for a cut scene as well as character bios. In Awoken you play a special agent from "The Cloud Agency" of Earth sent to investigate mysterious incidents on the outer planets, where dwellers are 'awakening' with monstrous abilities. Ancient alien races have been turning new terraformers into their modern day avatars. The over-arching plot follows the player collecting new humans who had been gifted with alien abilities to battle an organization within the Earth government looking to use these aliens to launch a coup. Think of it as a cross between X-Men and Mass-Effect; where aliens give super powers; and there's a conspiracy to stop them. 

Image courtesy of Cuba Lee

Image courtesy of Cuba Lee



Click here to download a script sample from the cutscenes that frame the Awoken Narrative. The first 'Exploring Brell' sets up the narrative, as the player investigates a mining colony that has been experiencing strange happenings. "Assault on the Crystal Caverns"  takes place later in the same level, after the player has been buried in the mines, while rescuing Floria--one of the new 'Awoken' who has just discovered who she really is. 


Character bios 

Click here for character descriptions from the Awoken; including Papa Joe Mambo, the mysterious leader of the Cloud Agency; Damian Woo- a xeno-archaaeologist thrilled by the new aliens; and Floria Chao, a rebel raised on the Brell colony just discovering her new powers.