A selection of video I've written, directed and produced. Many of my documentaries have focused on craftspeople of all kinds, but I'm also eager to explore the secret life of the city. 

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What's up ninjas! Future Vlogger Lizzie Blitz takes you into the secret world of haptic video-gaming to meet the scene - if only she doesn't get found out. See what happens on the flip side of Haphead Episode 6: A Moment of Silence. Supplementary content created on-set for Haphead sci-fi series. I wrote and directed this short that expands the narrative of a world where people get kung-fu powers from video games.  Made good use of resources on this one as well; shooting a b-story on the live set of a parkour gym to get both actors and setting in motion. 

Written and Directed by Ian Daffern 

Featuring Nicole Coenen as Lizzie Blitz

Cinematography by Jeremy McCracken 

Edited by TATE YOUNG



50 Objects that Define toronto

5 part / 30 minute series, produced in partnership with Spacing Magazine

Spacing surveyed some of the most well-read local historians and know-it-alls to come up with this fantastic list. The editors aimed to reflect the city’s culture, commerce, athletics, politics, diversity, and pre-European history. While no list like this could ever be considered perfect, these 50 objects are an excellent starting point for readers to dive deeper into the city’s fascinating and compelling history. 

I adapted the book into a 5 part documentary series that took the viewer from the ice-age right up to present day, running into Toronto icons and legends along the way.  

The series won the Heritage Toronto Award for Best Public History Project for 2017. 

Written and Directed by Ian Daffern

Hosted By Matthew Blackett 


how ink is made 

A Chief Ink Maker shows how colour and ink is created from the raw ingredients--powder, varnish, and passion. Everything designers and printers need to know about the process, the challenges and joy of ink making.

This documentary has been seen by 2.2 million people worldwide, lauded by Time Magazine and the Guardian, 

and called "My favourite Youtube video of all time" by Stephen Colbert. 

Not bad for an ink factory from Vaughan. 

My Dad is an ink maker-- it was he who put me in touch with Peter and lead to the making of this film. It's still one of my favourites--- and for quite personal reasons. 


Written and produced by Ian Daffern  

 Directed and Edited by Tate Young